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Search and Rescue Services

Missing person? UAS technology allows fast and easy search of an area that would take much longer on foot. Thermal imaging can facilitate rescue in cold temperatures.


Detailed and extremely accurate surveys using the latest UAV technology. 1.5cm accuracy using RTK positioning technology

Crop Health Surveys

Interested in the health of your crop, where it is struggling and where it is thriving? A quick UAS flight can show you where needs attention. 

3D Modeling

Using the latest drone tech, we can create detailed 3D models of your project.

Wind Turbine Inspections

Inspections of wind farms providing high-quality images, as well as thermal images to keep your turbines spinning and energy flowing.

Solar Panel Inspections

Keep your solar farm efficient and productive with an inspection of all panels using thermal imaging.

Powerline/Cell Tower Inspections

Make sure your powerline and cell towers are in working order without having to hire manual inspections.

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